Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 315.

Wow, I really only have 50 days of gratitude left. Seriously, 50 DAYS?! That seems hard to believe considering that means I've been doing it for 315 days. Yeah, I know that I type that in every day - Day ____. But really stoping to think about it - that I've been grateful for 315 things - is pretty amazing.

I am grateful for my readers.

I haven't wanted to quit ever, but I have gotten in a few valleys - mostly times when I leave two or three or six days without posting and have to sit and do them all at once...that sucked. But, I'm back on track and plan to finish strong. Who do I have to thank?

You my dear readers. Yes, I did this for myself, but you have kept me going. I still find it hard to believe that you all think I'm interesting enough to keep reading on a daily know, more than my husband, sister and mother.


  1. Yay Hilary! And thanks for writing every day. I should comment more often, but most of the time I am reading on the fly. Keep up the good work!

  2. You mean it's really gonna be over in 50 days? Aw man, I look so forward to reading your blog, you have no idea! Anyway, thanks for sharing these 315 moments of your life with us (looking forward to the next 50), I feel like it's such a privilege that you share these thoughts of yours with us! You share a lot of your true self, totally uncensored and in that regard, you treat us readers like we are your husband, your sister and mother and for that I am grateful! Thank you!