Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 334.

It's easy to get caught up in everyday violin practicing and have a hard time seeing any progress being made. Really. Hard.

But then I took some video of her (to show her that she was moving her elbow!). I was just uploading everything this evening to my computer when it hit me - she really has come a long way. In only two months she's learned to play the violin! Two months ago she didn't even know which hand was her violin hand and which hand was her bow hand. Now she knows that better than her right and left.

I am grateful for progress.

Sometimes you need a little low quality video to give you a good reality check.

Do you want a pickle, on your ice cream sandwich?
Yes I want a pickle, on my ice cream sandwich!


  1. how cool. i can't wait to show it to anya and evan.

  2. yay, Dylan! I showed this to Olivia and she exclaimed "WOW, she's good!"

  3. i love the face she makes at the end. ha ha.