Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 335.

Growing up, every late November in the Breeze household included a Christmas card photo shoot. Take a trip to my parent's basement and you'll see 22 years of Christmas photo shoots on display that were then made into cards for the yearly family card send-out. It's pretty cool to see them all there.

So, I thought...how hard can THAT be? I remember fondly the bribery of Reese's Pieces for every good picture taken. So, with my candy in tow, I took on the task today at home. Let me just say thank you to my aunt Jeanie was here to be my assistant. I could not have done it (gotten through it without stabbing myself) without you.

How did my parents get 22 years of good pictures?!?! Every click of my camera was another example of how little control I have over my children.

I am grateful for the Christmas photo shoot to be a success.

I didn't come away with a phenomenal picture, but I did get enough decency to go with it. I'm trying to give up on some of my perfectionism when it comes to projects like this. Afterall, those we send this to will never know how much work went into it. I'm letting go.

Here are a few outtakes for fun. Really, this is where I had difficulty choosing just four! Earlier today I looked through all 120 pictures searching desperately for one to use for a card, but outtakes...I have plenty!

looking down instead of up...

overdoing the joy...

a little too much hugging...

we've lost one folks...


  1. those are precious! I remember going to your parent's house in college and seeing the wall of Christmas photos. Glad you're carrying on the tradition!

  2. I love outtakes. Perhaps, since reality is better approximated by outtakes than by Christmas cards, you should create a new tradition on your wall: favorite outtake next to Christmas card.

  3. P.S. I nominate the last one where it looks like Noah is trying to make a quick escape.

  4. actually, i did use two of the other outtakes for the card itself. so i am trying to show their true personalities...which really are opposite of formal Christmas card pics. Great idea to hang the outtakes up though!

  5. Hilary-I took an outrageous number of photos this year as well. We seem to also have the problem of over-enthusastic hugging and smiling in our family. Now I'm just waiting for the baby to get here to finish the card...sigh...

    I also used an outtake in our card last year-Sean was practically choking Megan, and her head was at such an odd angle. I wondered if people would think I was crazy for including it, but it turned out to be a hit.

    Let's exchange addresses so I we can share greetings this year!

    xo, Becky

  6. what memories this brings back! it would be fun to go back and look at our outtakes in the photos albums (which we should work on sometime!). love you, sis!