Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 349.

I am grateful for Christmas books!

I love Christmas books. I guess I have to love them. Both my mom and aunt Jeanie have given me a Christmas book every year that I have been alive - and so my collection is thick (30x2 plus others). It's so much fun to get all my Christmas books out each year and is like a walk down memory lane as we read them, now with my own children.

For bedtime stories, Dylan and Noah have been using the extensive Christmas book collection to pick out their books, and tonight Noah had picked "There Was No Snow on Christmas Eve." It talks about how there wasn't actually snow on Christmas Eve cause Jesus was born in the hot desert, etc. Much more eloquently put in the book of course...and it's a beautifully illustrated one. So anyway, I was about halfway through the book and Noah asks me, "Where is Santa in this book?"


  1. I love it! I was jut sitting down tonight and reading Christmas books to Olivia as well, and we were reading "Who is Coming to Our House?" On the last page, there is a picture of Mary, Joseph, Jesus and all the animals in the barn/stable. I pointed out Mary, Joseph and Jesus to Olivia and she says "just like Sunday School!"

  2. Jesus was born in a hot dessert? Like a pie? ;)

  3. crap, I forgot to change it - Jason already told me about it and I'm so mad cause I never get that one wrong! ;)