Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 352.

I am a big fan of the "How to Talk So Kids will Listen" book and I often go back to their timeless techniques of parenting and relating to your children. And so right now, I desperately need to be reading their companion book, Siblings without Rivalry. My kids don't fight incessantly, and really it's pretty harmless when they do. But it's annoying. And possibly harmful to their relationship? The bickering is just so YUCK. I'd love to help ease them out of it. So if anyone needs a last minute Christmas gift for me, I'd love that book.

They fight and they bicker and they whine and they sometimes push. But when they play nice, they play SO good together. And for so long! Today they were in their room together (shut the doors on their own to make up a camp or something) for over an hour having a ball. Not one cross word, not one tear, not one raised voice. It was heaven.

I am grateful for moments of sibling bliss.

Do I want another kid? Maybe so.


  1. consider it taken care of.

  2. I love listening to Sean and Meg play together-the sound of them working out their ideas and games is so sweet. HOWEVER, when they're bickering, it's enough to make me want to poke out my ear drums. Meg screaming and Sean being a pest is so painful to listen to. Any adivce you get from that book would be welcomed.