Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 350.

I'm making arroz con pollo for dinner tonight. It's a dish that both Jason and I love - I had it a lot in Costa Rica when I went on Study Service Term there 8 years ago. This recipe was a little more cuban than Costa Rican, and I see now that I might like the drier Costa Rican version better. But this is still a great meal. It took some time - actually about double the time I accounted for. I planned on dinner at 6 as usual. And at 6:07 I realized it was still another 40 minutes....woops. I am a slow cook and it sometimes is really frustrating as I make my family wait.

I am grateful for the patience of my family.

Often if the kids are hungry they are hanging at my feet whining, "Can I have a snack?" and I just cannot cook like that. So tonight, Jason had the kids in the other room for the last 40 minutes of my cooking and I was listening to Christmas music, checking my recipe twice and sipping Beaujolais. Thank you Jason, because tonight when I said, "40 more minutes" you didn't say "Really?!" You said, "Ok" and took the kids away to play (unintentional Dr. Seuss moment). Thank you thank you thank you.


  1. Yum. I need to get this recipe from you. I had a Panamanian roommate in college who used to make arroz con pollo all the time in the winter, and I think of it with such fond memories. I've tried to make up my own recipe from what I remember her doing, but it is not even close.
    Miss you!

  2. I love Puerto Rican arroz con pollo, but have never attempted it because I am afraid it won't be as good. Maybe I will try it. I hope yours was extra good because of the extra time.