Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 212.

Friday, July 31, 2009.

Noah has a fever today, and I'm sure it's from the cold that he's been battling all week, which he got from me, which I got from Dylan. She had the fever on Wednesday, and now I guess it's his turn.

He's so miserable, clingy and hot. And so I'm hot, as he clings to me miserably.

I am grateful to be called mommy.

In his miserable voice, sniffling his snotty nose, he calls out "mommy...I want YOU." I've heard that about 85 times today, and I can't always oblige. I'm trying to get ready to travel to Iowa for the Rhodes family reunion. But I'm trying to stop what I'm doing and just sit with him a little more. And I carried him around in the Ergo for awhile...something I haven't done in a long while - and he use to LIVE in that thing!

It's good to baby him a little bit. Lately I'm not sure if we'll have another kid, and without going into details why or why not, I'm finding myself really enjoying these two that I already do have. So, if I have an excuse to bring out the baby, in what may be my last baby, heck, I'll do it.

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