Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 237.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009.

Growing up, I can't say I was that into museums all that much. I really didn't like history, and social studies/history were usually my least favorite classes. But, something about growing up that makes me want to know more about the past, more about the people that came before me, and more about the world in general. You know, stuff that is in museums. And history books.

I am grateful for history lessons.

We visited/hiked up on Hawk Mountain this morning. Beautiful views, good exercise, and the kids were troopers. Dylan "Quit" within the first minute of the hike, but somehow Jason saved the day by making up a game of smashing mushrooms on the trail's edge with a big stick. Something I would never have thought of. So, thanks J. I'm grateful for your made-up games too.

Back to the history lesson, Dylan loved learning about the mountain and having me read about why everyone was killing the hawks many years ago (and why they created the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary). She's pretty fascinated by death lately, so the huge 10 foot picture of the hundreds of hawks dead in a big pile was right up her alley.

Learning history with your kids is way more fun than by yourself.

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