Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 220.

Saturday, August 8, 2009.

This camp is amazing. It brings back many memories for me, going here as a little camper in grade school and junior high. I was oh so very homesick, and even got strep throat one year - my mom had to come and pick me up.

I am grateful for Camp Menno Haven.

This is a magical place, and something about this space makes me feel so close to God, so close to my past, and so in tune with my future. Everything seems clearer here, and life is so simple. Who cares about all the materialistic details of city life...camp is where you see yourself in the most true form.

We have had a wonderful day of boating (we did both row boat and paddleboats - and the kids were hilarious in their life jackets - they loved it), swimming (whoa, the water was freezing and yes, I was even brave enough to go off the diving board), and fun together as a family. It was so great, for all generations, and I can see my kids making memories (I hope at least Dylan remembers these times) here just as I did 20+ years ago.

The coolest part was that my mom reminded us that my grandpa (who is the deceased patriarch of this reunion, essentially) was one of the founders of this camp - he helped find this land himself. He was a apart of this vision that is Camp Menno Haven. How cool to be enjoying the fruit of his labor and love, right here, right now.

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