Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 189.

I am a perpetual late-returning library goer. It's almost like a disease; I can't figure out how to return books on time. Library videos are now banned from our household because they are $2.00/day late fee. A $37.00 fine one day, and that was the sad last day of checking out videos.

I am grateful to have no library fines.

I go back and forth being incensed with library fines and accepting them as part of my duty to my community...just helping out the system. Well, the last month I've had no fines, and I feel just fine about not helping out my community. Today was about the fourth trip to the library in a row with no fines! Maybe some don't see this as momentous, but for me, it is.

And my secret to keeping myself fine-free? Writing the due dates on my calendar. Most often the weeks just went by so fast, I didn't realize it had already been 3 weeks. So now, I can't forget if the date is in pen on my calendar. Success!


  1. This is momentous to me as well, as I just returned from paying .60 over here at the Walker Branch. What a timely post...

    And I have also discontinued the checking out of videos-looking at them during the week stressed me out, because I just KNEW we weren't going to get them back on time.

    Imagine my horror when I found a wayward book-on-tape CD in my CD player this morning. I thought for sure I was going to have to hand over my life savings, as the CD's were returned (minus disc 1) a few weeks ago. Luckily, she hadn't even noticed it was gone, and I left only .60 lighter, on a fine for a book. Whew!

  2. I would be HORRIFIC about this if we didn't establish Tuesday as library day. So, every Tuesday we go to the library and I always check what's due that day (I can do this online which is also a lifesaver, I would never be able to keep track of it otherwise).