Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 210.

I feel like I've been given a huge dose of grace. I don't know where it came from, but I am filled with patience and love in a way that gives me peace. I can't describe it any better than that.

I am grateful for inner peace.

Something about this feeling I've been having is making me less selfish. I've always thought my selfishness was something that held me back from walking in Jesus' footsetps. For whatever reason (see, I'm baffled why this is happening and how it is happening) I am seeing that selfishness lose a little of its stronghold. I am trying to be a better friend to those I'm close with and strangers alike, a better partner to my incredible husband, and a better mother to my two wonderful miracles I have the privilege and blessing to call my children.

I'll let you know if I realize where this all is coming from...other than the Holy Spirit, which is the obvious part.

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  1. Hilary, I love your blog. I need this inner-peace so badly right now, and I am praying, praying, praying to get it. Hope to talk soon! xo.