Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 191.

Yesterday I hit the Hyde Park farmers market, and was pleasantly surprised! I had heard it wasn't as good this year, but found a wonderful selection of produce and meats and baked items (which I steer very clear of). I found a great farm there that will let me get farm eggs (although not this week I guess - they didn't have them for some reason) and other free range meats. Yum! I packed my reusable bags full and went home giddy like a kid in a candy store.

I am grateful for farmers markets.

Summer is fresh local produce. Summer is fresh blueberries popped like jelly beans. Summer is trying chocolate cherry tomatoes (yum!). Farmer' markets are so joy-filled for me. It's something about connecting with the local farmers and supporting their trade and seeing all the healthy "grow foods" sitting there together just waiting to nourish my body. I get a weird kind of high from the farmers market.

So today, I'm still reveling in my purchases, getting ready to make a delicious garden salad with all the yummy veggies and a blueberry peach delight (some sort of fruit cobbler recipe from Simply in Season). Thanks farmers!

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