Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 196.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009.

Dylan loves gymnastics. She surprises me every week at how good she is at them! I am definitely NOT a gymnastics person, so I guess seeing my own flesh and blood thrive in that setting frankly floors me.

Noah is hilarious at gymnastics. This is how Noah does gymnastics: Find a ball as fast as you can. Take the ball on the trampoline, throw ball off the trampoline, go fetch ball, and repeat. Take the ball to the obstacle course, throw and kick ball around next to the obstacle course, doing not one part of the obstacle course. Make mommy sit down on a chair and watch you throw/kick the ball and fetch it ("You sit right here. No play with me mommy. Watch me do this.") Repeat ball obsession with other various gymnastics equipment.

Why am I paying for gymnastics when he's playing soccer for the whole class?

Today he got obsessed with frisbees halfway through the class. He was doing all the same throwing games - just with the frisbee instead. Shortly after he picked up his frisbee and threw it (straight up into the air so I had to duck), I tried to show him how to "really" throw it.

Me: Noah, see, this is how you throw it.
Noah: No mommy. My way JUST FINE.

I am grateful for confident children.

Sometimes confident children turn into bossy children. But, for today, his confidence taught me a lesson. Why do you have to throw the frisbee the "right" way? What's wrong with throwing it into the air and having it come spinning down, flipping all over the floor - isn't that fun? Of course it is (unless you actually get hurt I guess), so Noah, it IS just fine.

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  1. that's awesome. and there's plenty of ways to get hurt or hurt someone else throwing the frisbee the "right way."