Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 209.

I am grateful for high expectations.

My friend Mary has often given me the best compliment ever...EVER: "You're such a great mom." And she means it genuinely, so I really take it to heart. We met her and her son at a great fountain to splash around today for a few hours, and we talked about my blog, gratitude in general, and how my life is better because of this blog.

I also noticed something else about our time together. Because of this compliment she has given me, I sometimes get this feeling when I'm with her that I have something to live up to. That sounds negative, and this feeling isn't negative whatsoever. It's actually quite inspiring. I find myself wanting to be the epitome of a "great mom." Is that such a bad thing really? I guess it could be if I was trying too hard or feeling unrealistic expectations (I didn't say "perfect mom."). But for me, it is a good challenge. To react to situations with my children in creative and positive ways, to listen to them, to really HEAR them. To treat them like people, yet give them important boundaries.

Thanks, Mary, for helping me realize I can be a great mom...in fact you have seen it in me. So, at times when I choose the wrong discipline strategy, or regret the words as they roll of my tongue, it's OK.

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