Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 193.

We were gone from church last Sunday, and after being gone even just one week, I'm always so happy to be sitting in my congregation, worshiping with my church family.

I am grateful for church family.

I belong in this church. I walk in to the sanctuary, breathe in and relax. I let all of my troubles and worries and frustrations from the week fall away, and it's just me, there to meet God with my fellow brothers and sisters. It is family.

I walk around after the service to many smiling faces, most who know something about me, and me something about them. We aren't the same age, from the same neighborhood, we might not have any hobbies in common. But, we are all there for the same reason. To breathe and be filled*. We are tied together in Christ, and so we are family.

*"Breathe and be filled" was the theme for the Mennonite Convention 2009 in Columbus, OH (held a week ago) and our church's theme today for worship was the same.

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