Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 205.

Friday, July 24, 2009.

Ok, we're back from camping.

It was so fun. Really, it was. I take back my comments about the all-inclusive. Of course, that would be fun to too, don't get me wrong. But, there are definitely merits to camping!

I am grateful for camping.

Here are the reasons I am grateful:
- The kids were in heaven. They loved being outdoors for 24 hours, sleeping in a cozy tent with their parents and spending all day today at the beach.
- The sleep WAS terrible, but I survived. And we only stayed one night - so I'm going to bed at 8pm tonight to recover.
- The company was amazing. It was eight families, including us, and it was a blast. We all potluck-styled the dinner and had quite the spread.
- The weather was wonderful. It did ended up raining (sprinkling) during dinner for about 20 minutes. But it was light and never soaked anything. It got it out of its system, and it was over. That was all the bad weather for the whole time. Today at the beach was partly sunny and beautiful.
- The campgrounds were amazing - we are so going back to these. It only was 45 minutes from our door in Hyde Park to the campsite in the Dunes. Not bad at all. There were modern restrooms, a playground a stone's throw from our campsite, and several hiking trails surrounding the that led straight to the beach.
- It brings us closer as a family. We have to do everything together when we live in a 8x8 tent.

I completely recommend it.

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