Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 194.

Lakeshore Learning Store, I profess my love to you. You are fun, colorful, and full of things both the kids and I think we need. Props to you and your selection of amazing, fun, children's merchandise. You make me want to be an elementary school teacher - just to have all the cool stuff.

I am grateful for friendly salespeople.

My children love Lakeshore almost more than I do, and they were giddy with excitement from the moment we stepped through the door. They were not to be tamed. Throwing balls down the aisles, running in and out of aisles, picking up things off of shelves and almost yelling "Can we get this?" 5-billion times. I couldn't help but look the other way and think..."Who's kids are these? Why would any sane mother let them act this way in the store?"

My mom and I were able to reign them in occasionally and still get our shopping done - and thankfully there was no other shoppers there when we arrived. But the real thanks goes out to the two nice ladies working in the store who never gave me a icy glare or wished we would leave - at least not outwardly. They only looked upon us all as if WE were the reason they worked there, and made several nice comments about the kids. I have to admit, I don't know if I'd be so kind if it was my store.

Thanks Lakeshore checkout ladies. Your patience did not go unnoticed.

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