Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 200.

I finally faced my container garden today, and realized in full the harsh reality that is my failure as a gardener. Almost complete failure. The only thing that is still alive is the herbs, the tomato plant (barely - I think it has some sort of disease) and the snap peas (again, barely - most have shriveled leaves for half of the plant - does that mean it's still alive??). Sigggghhhhh.

I've been avoiding my whole back porch like the plague, for the very reason that I don't want to accept the waste of money and time that was my container garden. Oh yeah, and my porch looked like crap with all the dead plants, mostly empty pots, water-filled window boxes and tree remnants on the ground that hadn't been swept up in at least a month. It was sad, sad, sad. And buggy - really buggy.

So, today I decided I was going to give that porch a new makeover. It was going to become an extra room in our house, one we could enjoy and play in. I longed for it to be a special space. So, I did some deep sweeping (and then swept my new downstairs neighbors' porch cause I pushed so much stuff down there I felt bad), wiped down the patio furniture, threw out the window box contents, tossed the contents of pots with dead seedlings, packed up the empty pots, and put out a fresh, colorful tablecloth on the table for an extra homey feeling. It's so cute! And clean. And liveable.

I am once again grateful for my porch.

Even though I wasted $300 on my useless vegetable container garden.

I'm going to try and stop myself from thinking of all the other ways I could have spent $300.

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  1. glad you were finally able to face it and make it new again! did you find a pretty vinyl tablecloth?