Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An Apple A Day

Day 97.

Dylan had her 4-year old check-up today. Wow. Four years old...well not officially until April 18th, but the pediatrician's office is relocating next week, so we got in early.

Our doctor is personable, great with kids, and a mom of two young children herself. Dylan loves her and this makes doctor visits SO much easier. (When she was turning two and we went in for her check-up, she told Dr. Glunz that she wanted her to come to her birthday party!)

I am grateful for a healthy daughter.

When you have one child with special medical needs, you are especially grateful for normal health. It just seems almost too easy. The smooth vision test, the deep breaths in and out, the thermometer under the tongue - when did she get old enough for that? It was butter.

Ok, part of the ease came with Jason having Noah at home with him - he's on Spring Break. But, I also just love four-year olds. At least with mine, you no longer need a huge bag of toys to entertain them during a wait. You don't even necessarily need snacks. All you need is a creative mind and an imaginative spirit, and you can recall or make up stories for hours - to their sheer delight.

Dylan is healthy...and in the 75th percentile for height! She's sure to be taller than all the boys in 5th grade...just like her ole' mom.

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