Saturday, April 25, 2009

Freedom Sleep

Day 115.

The kids are waking up a lot lately. A LOT. Maybe it's the bad dreams at night (Dylan). Maybe it's the covers coming off and inability to put them back on themselves (Noah). Maybe it's just a phase. Gosh, I hope it's just a phase. But, I am literally up three, four, five, maybe even six times a night - someone calling out for "Mommy!" and me going in there, putting covers back on, reassuring, giving kisses. It's a precious, wonderful thing to do for your children...but really...when you're tired, as you are if you do this every single night...well then it's not so precious. It's just annoying and tiring and when they wake up ready-to-go at 6am...well you just can't be happy to see them.

I am grateful for my "night off."

Once a week, Saturday night, I get to have the night off. Jason wakes up with the kids, reassures them, and gets them back to sleep. And even more importantly, he gets up with them at 6am, while I sleep in (to 7:30am - remember when sleeping in was 9-10am?). It is the night/morning I look forward to all week. I plan for it, long for it, and literally bathe myself in this night when it comes. Every minute is luxury.

Thank you baby, for letting me have this one night off. I know it's not fun (BELIEVE ME, I know it's not fun). But I need it more than anything else to recharge my maternal batteries. It reminds me that someday, I will sleep through the night and BEG my children to wake up and go to school. But for now, it's one night of freedom.

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