Saturday, April 4, 2009

Break out the meds...

Day 94.

I've spent the last five days trying to pretend I'm not sick. Trying to fake it and act normal when I really feel like crap. I still am not myself, and have an annoying head cold that I can't beat. BUT, today I picked up some Tylenol Sinus at the store when we went to pick up supplies to dye easter eggs...which was super fun, btw. It's so fun to have two kids who are old enough to really enjoy (and be good at) activities like this. But back to the meds...

I am grateful for feeling a little bit better.

I was able to enjoy the easter egg dying. And, I realized that I've been feeling guilty about not playing with my kids enough all week. It's because I just haven't had any energy to be myself. So, today I really enjoyed our day together at home as a fam. We read lots of books, played together, drew together, and baked together. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel even less pathetic.

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