Friday, April 24, 2009

Hot day in April

Day 114.

I am grateful for sweat.

We went to the Morton Arboretum today - it was Arbor Day and so it was free to all! WOW - these economic times (shoot - I was trying to stay away from those three words in this blog...) really bring people out of the woodwork for anything that is free. My goodness.

I should have learned my lesson on Wednesday when I took the kids to the Museum of Science and Industry for Earth day - also a free day. That was so crowded it was ridiculous - and not even worth me mentioning more details. Today, it was incredibly crowded, as in I waited in a line of cars for 25 minutes to get INTO the parking lots. But, once you are "in" - you have the wide open spaces of the Arboretum to explore. We spent the first hour in The Children's Garden (which was the most packed area), but then we went out into the grassy loveliness and lounged under huge sprawling pines and weeping willows, enjoying the incredibly hot weather.

And we sweat. Ahhhh...summer (Yes, I know it isn't summer, but it felt like it).

At one point, Dylan stuck her head under a water pump. She really is a warm-blooded kid. It was FINALLY 80 degrees and we were wearing SHORTS! And what did Dylan minute after we got out of the car:
Dylan: I'm hot.
Me: Yeah, it's like summer, isn't it great?
Dylan: I don't like summer.
Seriously, Dylan - it was 35 degrees two days ago. Are you really complaining right now?

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