Tuesday, April 21, 2009

At ease

Day 111.

We had an important doctor's appointment for Noah today at Children's Memorial Hospital.* Without going into details, we got some good information about Noah's more long term prognosis. It was really helpful, and while the details weren't necessarily "comforting," having more knowledge about all we're dealing with WAS comforting. I'm just a person who needs to know as much as possible about what I'm going to experience in the future.

I am grateful for our urologist.

He is the perfect children's doctor. He's appropriate with both parents and kids. He tells you just the right amount of information at the right time - he doesn't overload you with stats and future possibilities before you need to hear them. He makes you feel comfortable, but not too comfortable. He gives us hope, but keeps us grounded in the realities. And most importantly, he's the BEST of the best at what he does, and I have literally trusted him with my son's life on several occasions.

*Noah was born with bladder exstrophy

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