Saturday, April 11, 2009


Day 101.

We are in the suburbs with the Rhodes family clan and it always amazes me how much I don't see my kids when their cousins are out here! Michaela, Eli and Caleb are fantastic playmates for Dylan and Noah and they will go off with them for hour on end and entertain them. It's a wonderful sight - both giving me a break - and thoroughly delighting my children.

Tonight after my kids were in bed, we got to play a family game, which is always a highlight for me...I love games. Group games. Board games. Card games. Any games. We played Things. If you don't know it, you have to play it - to me, it's the best family/group game out there right now.

I am grateful for games.

We always have so much fun playing this game, and we inevitably end up in hilarious fits of laughter. It's great to see how clever people are, and who tries to pretend they are someone else in what they write.

But the best part about games? Sitting around a table together and talking, interacting, and just enjoying each other's company. There is something about that activity that is special. Way better than watching TV or a movie together. You learn something about each other, and you interact in a way that stimulates your brain (more or less depending on the game at hand). Anyone up for Rook?

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