Thursday, April 23, 2009


Day 113.

I watched my friends' daughter today for six hours, so her mom could go to work (her regular nanny needed the day off). Dylan and Noah were ecstatic about Lena...thrilled beyond belief about her existence and how cute she was. And they were sooo, sooo good with her.

I am grateful for watching my kids be kind to other kids.

I go back and forth about wanting another baby. I really do think there is one more family member yet to make his/her some point. But, sometimes I wonder if our family should be complete.

But then I have this wonderful day with three incredible children, playing with them, taking them to the park, eating lunch with them - and it's just so joy-filled. We had a wonderful time with little Lena - and she is an incredible little girl.

Lena has a special place in my heart - she was my first "Bradley baby." I teach Bradley childbirth classes, and her parents were the first couple I ever taught classes to - two years ago! So, she'll be two this coming September - and I was even there for her birth, as her parents' doula. It still is one of the most incredible days of my life!

Dylan was obsessed (and I say this in a completely positive form of the word) with Lena. She wanted to be near her at all times - helping her, hugging her, playing with her, talking to her, asking her, "Can you say Lena? Can you say Dylan?" It was very sweet. A couple of hugs got a little lingering, and Lena is definitely her own woman, so I had to remind Dylan to give Lena her space (funny that I had to remind Dylan - QUEEN of "give me some space" of this). But really, she was incredibly good with her. She even told me - "Momma, Lena is the first person that I've ever LOVED that isn't even in our family!"

I do wonder though, would she be equally as infatuated with a little brother? Not so sure...

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