Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dylan Simone Rhodes

Day 108.

Saturday, April 18, 2009.

Dear Dylan,

You turned four today. How did I let four years pass us by already? Dylan, you are deep brown eyes, blond ringlets, and the most charming smile I've ever seen. You are everything I dreamed I'd have in a daughter.

You amaze me and excite me with your constant banter, your endearing made-up songs (that you sing all day long when you think no one is listening), and your witty comments. You love to make other people laugh, and try to find opportunities to be silly or clever for an audience. You love to dance for people, sing for people, and sign "Our God is an Awesome God" for anyone you remember to show.

Your inquisitive nature gives me a run for my money, and when I don't know an answer to a question, I now often hear you say, "Mom, let's look it up online." I guess it's a product of growing up in this time, but it's just so matter-of-fact, as if the whole world can and will be figured out by the time you turn five.

Your love for your brother is evident in the small daily conversations you enter into with him. You are often quick to squeeze him, grunt at him, or forcefully defend your toys against him, but you are only four afterall. And the times of love, compassion, and sharing are so much greater. You made sure he got to open some of your gifts this year, and even wanted him to help blow out your candles. You always check to see if Noah will get one of whatever you are having...and if not, you want it to be "our secret" so he won't feel left out. He mimics everything you say and do, and you don't ever mind a bit. He is so lucky to have you as his big sister.

Imaginative play is something I will never even be half as good at as you are, Dylan. You have a creative mind that will get you far, and I know it's not always fun to play "people" with me, who only can really ever think of about two places for the characters to go - the park or school. :) You would play "book party," "sleepover/playover," "caroling" or "parade" for hours if you had another creative mind like you to keep you company for that long. Cause that's the other thing - you're not much of an independent player. You like to have grown-ups keeping you company, and your little brother who wants to desperately do everything you not cutting it yet.

Your favorite colors are pink, orange and yellow, and your vibrant personality matches those perfectly. You are shy around peers, but outgoing and fearless in the company of adults. When asked what your favorite food is, you tell me "bananas, quesadillas and sugar." I'm sorry I can't make the latter happen more often, but I promise you'll understand when you're a mom someday.

Thank you Dylan, for showing me how to love in a new way. For showing me how to be patient and kind even when I don't feel like it. For showing me that if you yell at your children, you CAN expect them to yell at you back. Afterall, "don't talk to mommy like that" is also "don't to me like that then either" in your eyes. And you're right. We all want to be respected and loved. And you have made it easy to do both. I know you are one of God's greatest gifts to me and your dad, and I am ever and forever grateful for you.

Love, Momma

I am grateful for you Dylan Simone Rhodes.

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