Thursday, April 2, 2009

Burst of sadness

Day 92.

My sister left today. Boo.
I saw her some last week at my parent's house, and then she was up here for about 48 hours. But that was entirely too short.

When we dropped Lara, Anya and Evan off at the airport this afternoon, we drove away and Dylan said sadly, "I feel like I'm going to burst." I asked, "Why?" She replied, "Because they had to go home."

I am grateful to have family I adore.

We have to see them again soon - and so I'm planning my late May solo drive across country with both kids in tow. Really, would it be that bad? Right now, I'm thinking not! I just can't figure out how I'd get two sleeping kids into a hotel at night by myself...


  1. i know. i know. that is so cute what dylan said. sorry we left your house in such a wreck before your class.

    yes, the hotel carry-in would be the most challenging part. double stroller? you'll have room and it might be nice to have anyhow.

  2. and by most challenging, i don't mean "least fun." i mean, most impossible to do by yourself. everything else would just be annoying and frustrating. :-)