Friday, April 17, 2009

Pearly whites

Day 107.

I remember loving trips to the dentist as a kid, and even wanted to grow up and be a dentist for awhile - maybe it was a short while, but I remember it vividly. So, last summer when Dylan went to the dentist for the first time, I was not surprised it went smoothly. I know a lot of kids struggle with dental visits, and I think Noah may be one of those kids later this year when I take him for the first time. But Dylan, I knew would take this in stride.

Our insurance changed since that last visit, and I've had a horrible time finding someone new who takes our insurance, getting a referral, and finding some place that isn't third-world-country-scary. Really, isn't this a modern big city that we live in? Why did I have to go to the suburbs to find a good children's dentist?! Thanks Delta Dental.

I am grateful for NO cavities!

As an adult, I dread going to the dentist (don't remember when I made the switch from my eager-beaver attitude as a kid). And the biggest part I dread...when they tell me how many cavities I have. See, I don't have very good teeth. And regardless of brushing/flossing patterns, I just seem to get cavities. So, now I experience that dread for my child as well. I hold my breath as they stick the mirror in her little mouth and look around...examine the x-rays..."Well the good news, mom, is no cavities!" And the bad news?! That was the only news I care about!

Really, there wasn't bad news. The bad news was that she couldn't see anything at all wrong with Dylan's teeth. Which is actually good news - except for Dylan's been complaining of some pain/weird feelings in her teeth/gums that makes her grind her teeth ("Grinding teeth again mom!!" - as she audibly grinds and makes my skin crawl). So, I guess it's good nothing is wrong - but anyone who's been told that everything is GREAT when they have symptoms of SOMETHING, knows that's not the most fulfilling diagnosis. I guess we'll just keep our new toothbrush handy so we can run and remedy the problem.

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