Friday, April 3, 2009

Five, Twenty-five...who's countin'

Day 93.

Jason and I take turns a lot. We do many things as a family, but we also both need our alone time, especially when we're tired and cranky. So, when I came home today after a long day away from home (which started out VERY fun at the Planetarium and ended up very NOT fun with a failed trip to the dentist and impromptu library trip), I just wanted five minutes peace. Okay, so it's turning into more like 20 minutes peace as I blog here, but really...I need it.

I am grateful for five minutes peace.

There is a really cute children's book with this very title, and I wish I would have written it. It's amazing what five minutes (or 25 minutes) peace can do to your spirit, your energy level and your ability to handle children. Ahhhh...deep breath.

Thank you to my husband for taking turns with me when we both need a break. As I hear them both whining and complaining to you in the next room, I am grateful it is you and not me.
But don't worry, it will be my turn again...soon enough.

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