Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 277.

Sunday, October 4, 2009.

My church has been going through some conflict in the past year, regarding accepting same gender relationships into membership or not. It has been a really rough time on the church leadership team and while I am ready to move forward in our work together, I wasn't sure if much of the congregation was ready to trust each other again.

I am grateful to be able to look people in the face again.

I didn't realize it until today, when we had a day's worth of meetings with a faith-based conflict resolution team, that I often haven't been able to look people in the face in church and really be myself. I have avoided conversations that seemed to loaded, and while I myself felt trustworthy, I didn't know if the congregation saw me that way anymore. Today I realized I had been sort of metaphorically holding my breath...and I began to exhale today.

Thanks to the rest of the congregation who showed up for this work together. I know there are good things in store for us all. I continue to pray especially for the people who have left, including the couple for whom this whole issue was central - it was about them, even when we tried to make it not. I hope they are in a place of peace.

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