Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 296.

Friday, October 23, 2009.

Book club was tonight. What a fantastic group of women I have the privilege of calling my friends.

I am grateful for book club.

I didn't do well in my last book club. In that one, I felt like I wasn't smart enough to be a part of it, which really made me feel angry. I didn't work for NPR, I wasn't an urban planner, and I didn't live in the west loop in a loft. So, I wasn't very cool I guess. Oh yeah - and the first book club, it was decided that there would be no alcohol served during book clubs. I should have walked out the door then and there...not because I have to have a glass of wine to talk about books...but they didn't want the discussion "impaired" in any way. Yikes.

But THIS book club? This mom's book club? This is ABOUT the wine. It's about the good conversation, the relationships, and the literature. And oh yeah, we all love to read the books and love to discuss them, but if we don't discuss them, we live. And if you don't even read it...you're still welcome.

That's the kind of book club I like.

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