Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 279.

Tuesday October 6, 2009.

We met dear friends today at a wonderful little children's indoor fun place in Indiana. It had been open only 2 weeks and so everything was brand spankin' new.

I am grateful for BellaBoo's.

They had thought everything through at this place. It seemed like the things you usually say "they should have done this..." at these types of places - they did. For example, they had hand sanitizer, kleenexes and little sinks (with automatic water and towel dispensers) everywhere. They had a cooking class area - where they have on the hour almost every hour a mini cooking class where they have the kids make something for a snack. It was healthy, cute and well thought out. The U-shaped counter around the sunken kitchen (so the kids at the adult's eye-level when they are cooking) had little tiny bar stools for the kids to sit on and "work." The dress up area was chocked full of costumes. The play kitchen area had very last cabinet full of something. There were comfy benches everywhere for parents to sit on and watch/talk.

My only complaint is we were told (since we did this) that you aren't supposed to bring in outside food. Well, with my gluten sensitivity, it's easy to get around those rules, but for the rest of our crew not so much. What do they expect you to do when you want to stay all day but don't want to buy the cafe food? Leave early then? Not come at all? So, I hope they revise that policy. But, overall, it was a really fun day! I had to tear the kids away from the fun and they both totally crashed on the way home - anything that wears Dylan out to the point of napping is quite awesome!

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  1. This sounds so cool! Is it by Christy's? I am going to check it out.