Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 303.

Dylan today: "Mom, are you weared out or stressed out?"

Yikes. She's been asking me if I'm "weared/worn out" a lot lately - really - do I look that tired and frustrated? I have been pretty tired lately. I can't get myself to go to bed before 11:30 - and when Noah wakes up at 5:30-6am each day, that's not enough sleep for me.

But geesh, I hate that my daughter is watching every eye roll and listening to every sigh. I'm not that unhappy...I just may be coming across that way.

I am grateful for a child reality check.

It's hard to not act frustrated/worn out/stressed out when I feel that way. But maybe that's the problem. Besides extra sleep, I think I just need to chill out on most things. I don't need to FREAK OUT if I mess up a recipe. I don't need to FREAK OUT if they want to get another cup for water when they already have one. I don't need to FREAK OUT when someone spills the big tub of markers all over the floor. Ok, so that will be hard, but it is necessary. I need to practice my deep breathing and start smiling more and stressing less. Life's too short to stress about markers.


  1. I'm right there with you. I freaked majorly tonight when Matt was gone and we couldn't find Olivia's bear and monkey before bed. She always know where she leaves them, so I said "Olivia, they're not in your bed, please go find bear and monkey." We searched the house and couldn't find them. I kept asking her and she would look in the refridgerator, piano, ceiling. So...fine, I'm not going to stress about this..."you don't want to look for them anymore,then I guess we won't be able to find them and we're just not going to sleep with them tonight."

    "Smiling more and stressing less"...definitely!

  2. Is there something about this time of year--maybe the declining light levels--that makes it so hard to not be worn out? The last week or 2 it has been so hard, okay, impossible to keep myself cool and collected, and I'm still getting the usual amount of sleep!

  3. ditto to you and the two commenting before me. AHHHH!!!!