Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 281.

I always hem and haw about haircuts for my two little blond curly-head children. There curls are wonderful, I am the first to admit I love how they look, how they feel between my fingers, and all the wonderful comments we get while out. People love blond curls! But I hate...H.A.T.E. combing hair battles. And I dislike how their hair looks when it grows out to the point of straggly curls and not cute little tendrils. So, it was time.

I am grateful for haircuts.

I should have taken pictures. I guess I still can. Nothing all that miraculous or new - just clean and cute looking haircuts. That just makes me happy to look at their cute little faces with shapely hair surrounding them. I like that.


  1. totally. although we don't have the blond curl issue, but a good haircut is great.

  2. Someone here is due to get her blonde curly hair cut too. It seems the shorter, neater curls are easier to comb and "style." The fewer the hair-combing related screams in this house, the better!