Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 284.

I'm not a career woman. I was a graphic designer in my past life, and admit, I do enjoy design a lot. I know I have an eye for it - but I also know I struggle with being creative on demand. And I wasn't thrilled with being a designer for a JOB. So, every once in awhile I get some freelance graphic design work that really feels happy to do. I find passion in doing it, and I remember why I graduated with a graphic design degree.

I am grateful for work.

I am happy to be doing some work right now for a couple of different clients - and it comes at such a great time. We have some unexpected condo building expenses on the horizon, and I was pretty worried about where we would get the money. It feels pretty amazing to be able to contribute to that.

So, while I've spent my whole night working instead of hanging out with my hubby, it feels good to be working.


  1. Thank you. I needed this little reminder.

  2. I agree--I feel good teaching this class because it keeps me connected to what I spent a lot of time training to do. I dedicated so much of me to my professional life that it is important for me to maintain a part of it. It feels good because it is something that is entirely mine that I feel competent in.
    I hope the projects turn out great for you and you keep getting them here and there so that they aren't overwhelming, but you stay connected to that part of yourself.