Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 246.

I don't know how much I mention my Bradley teaching, but I teach natural childbirth classes every Thursday night. I took off the month of August and started back up teaching tonight. I just finished 30 minutes ago and I'm on a teaching high.

I am grateful for exceeded expectations.

I usually have pretty high expectations overall in my life. So routinely, I end up disappointed. So with my Bradley classes, I have expectations there too. I email and talk with future couples and never know what they'll be like in person until the first night. This series, I had low expectations. It's unnecessary to go into the details of why I thought this, but I just didn't get a good meshing vibe.

Yay, I was wrong! The first class went great and everyone really gelled well together. It was really fun. I just kept thinking, THIS is why I'm doing this. I felt passionate and even occasionally articulate (which I NEVER am in the first class...always a little too nervous to be well-spoken). It was a good night, and I'm grateful for that.

I am also grateful I kicked my butt into high gear all day and cleaned up a lot of spaces in the house that needed decluttering. And my kids played pretty nicely all day. I took breaks to play with them, take them outside, play games, read books, make meals, etc. and it was pretty seamless!! Love having a two and four-year old!

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