Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 272.

Having one boy and one girl is great for many reasons, except for the fact that they can't share clothes...well beyond onesies and baby sleepers and possibly pajamas - IF I can convince Dylan that she doesn't need pink. So, clothes are expensive. I do appreciate stores like Once Upon a Child, or Good Cents, the best resale shop I've seen - in Geneva. But, even better...

I am grateful for hand-me-downs.

My dear friend Megan is done having kids, and with her two youngest being girls, her boy clothes have no function after her currently 4-year-old is done with them. I know other people have the luxury of many different sources of hand-me-downs. But me, I've never been the recipient for some reason...until now. And now, Noah scores big time - all thanks to these dear friends - who also truly believe in the power of passing good things on to those you love!

Today I got two big bags full of clothes for Noah, and I am brimming with excitement. Something about going through TWO BIG BAGS of clothes - even when they are little boy clothes - that is just so Christmas morning. I love it! Thanks Megan, I am happy to pay it forward when Noah grows out of these! Beckett...you're next.

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  1. You're welcome! It is truly my pleasure, as I get to relive Iain's younger days when I see Noah looking oh-so-cute in his former wardrobe! We've been so lucky in hand-me-downs, so we're happy to pass on the love.