Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 262.

We took the bus downtown this morning to see The Selfish Giant at the Harold Washington Library. Wow, it was good.

I am grateful for The Chicago Children's Theatre.

We went to a production of "If All the World Was Paper" earlier this year (I think - or was it last summer?) that the Chicago Children's Theatre put on and it was phenomenal. This also did not disappoint. The whole thing was sung by an older gentleman trading off between the guitar and the ukelele. He sang and told the story while the other guy on stage did all (repeat ALL) of the acting/puppeteering/stage setting. It was so cool. The Selfish giant is based on a story by Oscar Wilde.

The story is described on The Children's Theatre's website as:
"Original puppets and music tell the story of a grumpy old giant who forbids the children in his village from playing in his beautiful garden. After the children are locked out, the trees and flowers refuse to grow and the garden plunges into an eternal winter. Then one morning, the children sneak back into the garden, bringing with them the joyous rebirth of spring."

Our kids had a blast (although I'm skeptical how much was actually understood listening to the whole story in song), and Jason and I were thoroughly entertained. I hope to attend many more productions by this innovative company while my kids are still little. What a great opportunity we have living in Chicago.


  1. How fun! We'd love to join you on one of these adventures!

  2. And there are two more free performances coming up!