Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 266.

Ballet. Ballet. Ballet.

We quit ballet today. I guess I have what I wished for...I wanted something to simplify. But I didn't want to sacrifice anything for her sake. But, she made the decision herself, and I have to say I'm relieved. It feels so much better, and so right.

I am grateful to simplify.

We went to ballet this afternoon and it was the second week - and so moms don't get to watch anymore. We have to stay outside. Well, with the preschool separation (and she just did have preschool this morning - only day 2 of no crying without mom), she just couldn't take another 45 minutes of her day without me. I guess I'm flattered. Part of me wonders if it's unhealthy...and then I remember she's four. She doesn't have to be OK with it, and frankly, if she's not, then why am I pushing it? She's already doing three mornings a week of separation. If she doesn't want to do more, well, then that's just fine with me.

Today was the last day you could drop out and get your money back for the semester. I'm happily taking that option. And just so I have this in there - I didn't back down easy (even though I was happy when she made the decision in the end). I tried to go up to the studio with her...take her right to the door. I tried many tricks that usually work. And in the end, she just didn't want to do it. The class is 15 kids, and her ballet class last year was 6-7. The classroom is totally new. The class is longer. It's just not the consistency that I thought it would be. I thought - well, she has new preschool, new violin...THIS will at least be consistent. Negative. This was the easiest to go. She never talked about it at home and never got excited when I told her it was time for ballet. Yes, she loves to dance, but she loves a lot of things. She draws for 2 hours a day sometimes, but that doesn't mean she HAS to be in art class.

Before we left the ballet studio, we were talking to the registrar and telling her that we would be dropping out. Dylan, my shy girl with strangers, looked right up at the registrar and said confidently, "I'm going home to play my violin now."

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  1. that last line just made me cry. oh, dylan, i love you.

    and hilary, i'm so happy for you guys that this just seems right. i hope you're feeling better by having one less "thing" to worry about. love you and can't wait to just talk and talk and talk in person very soon. love you all.

    i'm gonna go open another box of kleenex now...