Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 263.

This past year, our church has been going through some difficult discernment and so the past few months have felt much like an aftermath of a terrible tragedy. Today it felt like we had a fresh start, with a congregational meeting where we affirmed several new church leaders, and a fabulous sermon where our lead pastor encouraged us to see our struggle as...get this...a positive thing.

He left us with an incredible question to ponder. What if...

"What if we're exactly where we are supposed to be?"

I am grateful for God working in our lives.

Isn't that an amazing and important way to look at tough times, both on widespread and more personal levels? What if this hasn't been a totally negative thing we've been going through, but instead an incredible opportunity for spiritual growth, drawing us closer to God, and drawing us closer together?

What a beautiful opportunity to open ourselves more fully to God's will.

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