Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 257.

Dylan's first violin lesson. It started off well with her shy, but giggling. Interacting with the teacher, but looking often to me for reassurance.

Then the shyness disappeared and tiredness and laziness set in. Ugghhh.

I am grateful for biting my tongue.

She went through the motions of rest position, statue of liberty, foot positions, etc. But when the teacher started to adjust her chin to try to get her to put her jaw in the right place, she began the classic "Hilary eye roll." Really? I didn't know she had inherited that. C.R.A.P.

She would roll her eyes during the adjustment seemingly saying, "Geeesh, you are really annoying me right now. Seriously...stop...wouldya lady?"

I was mortified. She caught my eye and twice I tried to give her a look that said "Don't do that Dylan..." At one point I even mouthed "Stop rolling your eyes." But then she called out "Mommy, WHAT?" Ok, I'm shutting up.

So, I held my tongue and let the rest of the lesson proceed. The teacher tried to engage as much as possible, but she had her hands full. That being said, I have to say a little about where Dylan was coming from. You see, she really was exhausted. She had a long weekend full of sleeplessness with the camping trip. Giving up her nap, she now crashes daily around 5-6pm (the lesson was at 5:00). She's getting over a cold which makes her more cranky and tired. And on top of it all, she's seen me play violin. She wants to just PLAY. So, standing there and doing foot positions and naming parts of the violin was really frustrating for her (or so I'm presuming). At the end of the lesson she confided in me, "I just really want to pluck it!"

I think Dylan summed up her exhaustion well in the car on the ride home. She questioned, "Did you see that mommy how I almost fainted in there? I was that tired, I almost fainted!"

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