Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 247.

Friday, September 4, 2009.

I am a talker. Anyone who is willing to have a conversation with me, well, I take them up on it. So, my kids have grown up in a very verbal household. Afterall, they are who I see all day - so we talk. A lot.

All this talking leads to the discovery of new words, and hopefully a well-rounded vocabulary for them. I don't claim to have a very good vocabulary myself (always something my parents joked about with me), but I am at least above a four year old's capacity.

Lately, it's fun to watch as Dylan incorporates new words she just learned into her daily life. She really wants to use the new vocab, so she tests it out. In very cute ways.

I am grateful for new vocabulary.

Today was this one:

Dylan: "What does prefer mean?" (note - I didn't just use this word - it was obviously something she was saving up to ask)
Me: It means that you would choose one thing over the other, that you like one thing better than another. For example, if I prefer green beans to peas, I would rather eat green beans than peas.
Dylan (mind working, smiling a big grin): Do you prefer if I die?
Me: Dylan! Of course not. Uggh, don't even say that! I prefer that you live.
Dylan: Do you prefer if I swim far far away?
Me: No, I'd rather you stay here.
Dylan (still smiling): Do you prefer if I jump over a rock and get really hurt?
Me: No.

5 minutes pass with random chit-chat.

Dylan (very excited): Guess what? I prefer if I watch TV more.
Me: Yes, I bet you do.

I guess she understands the usage.


  1. So did she get more TV?

    P.S. I prefer peas.

  2. No, she did not get more TV. In fact, we are on a TV break right now (for a little over a week now), so it's probably where the preference stemmed from.