Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 249.

Sunday, September 6, 2009.

I am grateful for comfortable jeans.

What a lame thing to be grateful for today. But, I had on a pair of comfortable jeans today (yeah, I wore them to church), and it really made my day better. There were lots of other wonderful things about today - the worship service at church, talking with church friends, time at the Rhodes, dinner with family, etc. But I've used all those already. So, I went a little selfish today. But, if I'm comfortable, I'm probably nicer to people, smiling more, etc. So everyone wins.


  1. i totally agree. when i was teaching and we got to wear jeans on friday, i was just so much more comfortable about everything...happier, nicer, smiling more, etc. it was friday afterall, but seriously the jeans made a big difference.

  2. Do you think this is a generational thing? I've never been as comfortable in jeans as in most other kinds of pants. MOM