Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 261.

First of many "back to school" pics to come. Growing up, my family always took a first day of school picture in front of the front door as we were leaving for school. I always knew that was something I wanted to do for my own kids. It's so fun to look back at those and see how much you grow from year to year.

I am grateful to have survived this "first week."

From preschool starting (2.5 hours today...all by herself...and we both cried), to violin starting, to ballet starting back up again, we've been busy. I've felt in over my head many times. A few times I've thought, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING to myself as I headed out to yet another activity. But, it's all good stuff. And we still have more than half of each day at home, playing and enjoying each other's company. It just means that we can't gallivant around as much as we used to - heading out for day long trips to random museums, spontaneously heading to the park for hours on end. That might be over, and more planning might replace it. Lucky for us, planning is my middle I think we'll be OK.

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