Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 251.

I love going places. As I get older and now have kids, I do see the merit in spending time at home, but I have always loved being out. Out to dinner, out for a walk, out to shop, out to get ice cream. Out.

I do love taking my kids fun places - as I have mentioned before in this blog - I love to take them places so I get away from my own house where I feel compelled to "do stuff" instead of play with them. "Out," I'm free to play and be a better mom.

I am grateful for outing companions.

Outings are great, but companions (adult companions that is) make them even better. This morning Jeanie and I took the kids to the Champaign mall - for something to do. They rode the carousel (twice), played at the mall playground, went on the Kiddie Coaster (really just a little car you sit in and it rocks back and forth with a big screen displaying what a real roller coaster view is like), and then we ate lunch at a yummy new mexican place in town. Fun outing! Then, after Noah's nap, my mom and I took the kids to Curtis Orchard, where we played, bought apples, apple cider slushies, and apple cider donuts. Noah liked the slushy best. Dylan liked the sugared donut best. I liked the company best.

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  1. boo. i want to go to curtis orchard, too. i'm salivating over the donuts and missing your company.