Saturday, January 17, 2009

30 Day Shred

Day 17.

One thing I've really wished I could do more in my life as a mom is exercise. For me, that is the hardest thing to accomplish with young children in the house. I've tried time after time to do a yoga video, tae bo, even a mommy and me fitness DVD - with no luck. They always let me get in about 20 minutes. Even with me trying to get them to do it with me, giving them a fun couch of toys to play with, setting them up with an art project...nothing works when I want to work out.

I am grateful I got to work out today!

Stephanie (from my favorite crockpot website posted about a new DVD she was doing to get a jump start on her new year's resolution of exercise. I'm not huge into new years resolutions, or fast exercise results. I'm more an "exercise is a lifelong committment" type of gal. But, three things sold me on this video (since i hate the title and marketing of this video). One, the workouts (they give you three levels all in one DVD to work up to) are only 20 minutes. With warm-up and cool-down I was done in about 25. Two, it got about 513 5-star reviews on Amazon. Very impressive. And three, it was only $8.49 (with free shipping w/ Amazon Prime).

Score! I completed the workout with Dylan nipping at my toes at about 22 minutes duration. Perfect timing. I plan to do this as daily as I can. Keep me honest!

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  1. sounds great...i just never make this a priority, even though i know i should. i was wondering how that mommy and toddler fitness video ended up turning out? glad you found something to least for now!