Monday, January 19, 2009

Paintbrush poised

Day 19.

Today was a nice day at home - Jason had the day off for MLK's bday, so we just hung out, got several things done around the house and played together. The day went way too fast.

This evening I was trying to get some mail sorting done, and so I needed a project for the kids (Jason was grading papers for school).

I am grateful for our art easel.

This easel is from when I was a child - my sister, Lara, and I would play school endlessly with this thing. It's a chalkboard easel on both sides. I have so many fond memories of our "school" sessions, that it's a real trip every time I take it out for my own kids to play with.

I keep it by the kitchen for these precise times - I set them up with paints, paintbrushes, big sheets of paper clipped to each side, and they went at their masterpieces! It's so fun to watch what they create. Paint is an amazing medium for kids, and I am especially eager to see what Noah does each time. He used to just make a stroke here and there. But today he filled up much more of the page, and even came around to Dylan's side to help her - and WOW - she let him!

Thanks easel for the memories, and we're making even more!

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  1. I had an easel just like the one you are describing as well. I think we did tons of finger painting and eventually worked up to brushes. There are pictures of me in front of that thing going to town. So much fun!

    As a side note, I am very impressed that you are keeping up this blog. Perhaps todays entry will have something to do with being thankful for democracy :)