Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Stop, Kiss and Listen"

Day 31.

I picked up the latest Woman's Day mag at my in-laws house this morning. I was just in the mood for some light reading - some new crock-pot recipes, perhaps. Or maybe a Valentine's craft to do with the kids? What I ended up reading was an article about a preschooler who developed a very rare form of cancer and died within the year.

Now is when I remind you that I am a chronic worrier. And in ranking my worries - worries about my children are on the very top rung. I often run over in my head all the various diseases and scenarios that could come out of a common cold, stomachache, or the like. I know ... it's a problem.

So, when I see an article like this - I usually shut the magazine and try not to think about what I know I just saw. I usually just can't handle stories like that.

But today, I read on. Something in me MADE me read on. And while it was exactly the same type of article as I have read before, I didn't have the same response. I read, I thought, and I didn't dwell. I had empathy for the family, but I didn't automatically assume it would happen to me.

Instead, I was able to do what the title of the article said: "Stop, Kiss and Listen" to my children all day long. I hugged them a little tighter. I kissed them a few (hundred) times more. I played fisher price people with them a little longer. And I even enjoyed it.

I am grateful for this reminder that life is short.

Not because it made me think it will happen to me. But because it made me realize how every single moment is precious with my children. Not because they could get cancer tomorrow (and of course, they could), but because their lives are not in my hands. Their lives are in God's hands, and ultimately they do not belong to me. So, for whatever time God gives them on this earth, I want to cherish it.

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