Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Day 28.

I was exhausted today. I haven't figured out if it was the muscle relaxer from last night (cause I felt this way yesterday too after taking it the night before), or if it's my stupid thyroid again. I had been feeling pretty great for two weeks - but these last two days have been hard.

Dylan has a cold - not a bad one - just one where she yells at me five-thousand times a day - "Blow my nose!!" And every single one of those five-thousand times, I make her say it again in a "different voice..."

This afternoon, I was desperate for a project. I couldn't do pretend-play much longer without insanity settling in. So, I got out the white paper bags, the Cray-pas and we made puppets! Then, we put on a Puppet Show for the first time. I don't know why I hadn't done this before with them, but Dylan thought it was hilarious. Actually, I do know why I haven't done this before - they GOT it, but it was hard for them to actually do it (i.e. keep their heads down while hands up, come up with a story, interact with other puppets, etc.). Dylan just came out from the stage and talked her puppet in front of her face like a mask. Noah's puppet just kept falling off his little arm. But, it was still fun. And Dylan's puppet - of course her name was...Allison.

I am grateful for puppet shows.

I made it through the long afternoon and evening.

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  1. could you just watch or did you have to make up a story too? sorry you haven't been feeling well. :-( miss you.