Sunday, January 4, 2009


Day 4.
January 4th, 2009

Jason was in the mood for takeout, and since we haven't really eaten out this month (we've been doing lots of eating, just all IN with family) we decided to go for it. He sold me with: "we don't want make more dishes..." and somehow I bought that.

I am grateful Dylan and Noah enjoy the foods us adults eat.

They were totally 100% pumped to have Thai Snail (our local AMAZING Thai place around the corner from us) for dinner tonight.. The owner knows our kids by name - she (who the kids call "Mrs. Snail" - asks about them every time we come in, with or without them, knows Noah's birthday and overall just makes us feel like friendly city folk.

We love their Pad Thai with tofu and Panang Curry with chicken ("Don't forget the peanut sauce!" says Dylan) and they both eat more of this flavorful cuisine than my own home cooking. Go figure...

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  1. yeah, i totally know what you mean. we have been eating good, but i kinda missed eating out. :-) and i am sick of the leftovers.